ten-shi with hirose junji otomo yoshihide Ten-Shi(加藤崇之、藤掛正隆)× 広瀬淳二&大友良英 Fulldesign Records FDR-1048 2022
映画「ノイズ」オリジナル・サウンドトラック 大友良英 バップ VPCD86396 2022
OTO 音遊びの会 FMN Sound Factory FMC-054/055 2021
DUO 大友良英&川島誠 Homosacer Records HMSD010 2021
Eastern Saga: Live at Tusk Konstrukt & Otomo Yoshihide Karlrecords 2020
Live In Florence Otomo Yoshihide & Chris Pitsiokos Astral Spirits 2020
Soto Otomo Yoshihide & Martín Escalante Sploosh Records 23 2020
Hat and Beard Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet FMN Sound Factory FMC-051 2020
Small Stone 大友良英 TAKUROKU TR045 2020
GEKIBAN 2 ~大友良英サウンドトラックアーカイブス~ 大友良英 Victor VICL-65226 2019
GEKIBAN 1 ~大友良英サウンドトラックアーカイブス~ 大友良英 Victor VICL-65133 2019
From 1959 ショローCLUB 地底レコード B71F 2017
Guitar Solo 2015 RIGHT 大友良英 doubtmusic dms-162 2015
Live at Hall Egg Farm ロジャー・ターナー 佐藤允彦 大友良英 doubtmusic dmf-164 2015
Live at SuperDeluxe ロジャー・ターナー&大友良英 doubtmusic dmf-163 2015
大友良英SPECIAL BIG BAND LIVE AT SHINJUKU PIT INN 新宿ピットイン50周年記念 大友良英スペシャルビッグバンド ピットインレーベル PILJ-0009 2015
Noise Join Inn 大友良英 非常階段 テイチクエンタテインメント TECH-26457 2015
ギターソロ 2015 LEFT 大友良英 doubtmusic dms-155 2015
「LIVE! LOVE! SING! 生きて愛して歌うこと」 オリジナル・サウンドトラック 大友良英 Sachiko M Victor Entertainment VICL-64290 2015
Piano Solo 大友良英 OTOROKU ROKU008 2014
あまちゃんLIVE ~あまちゃん スペシャルビッグバンド コンサート in NHKホール~ 大友良英&「あまちゃん」スペシャルビッグバンド Victor Entertainment VIXL-123 2014
土曜ドラマ ロング・グッドバイ オリジナル・サウンドトラック 大友良英 Victor Entertainment VICL-64163 2014
ええじゃないか音頭 大友良英スペシャルビッグバンド Victor Entertainment VICL-64190 2014
連続テレビ小説 あまちゃんオリジナル・サウンドトラック 2 大友良英 Victor Entertainment VICL-64073 2013
連続テレビ小説 あまちゃんオリジナル・サウンドトラック 大友良英 Victor Entertainment VICL-64041 2013
あまちゃんアンコール連続テレビ小説 あまちゃんオリジナル・サウンドトラック 3 大友良英 Victor Entertainment VICL-64113~4 2013
Existence 磯端伸一with大友良英 Jigen Production jigen 008 2013
Quintet/Sextet LP Otomo, Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Evan Parker, John Edwards, Tony Marsh, and John Butcher Oto Roku ROKU009 2013
Osumo: Sound Wrestler (DVD) Otoasobi no Kai (The Otoasobi Project) Otoasobi no Kai OTODVD 001 2013
3-Part In(ter)ventions Tone, Yasunao, Otomo Yoshihide, and Jim O’Rourke T.M.D. TMD 111 2012
「胡桃の部屋」大友良英サウンドトラックスVol.1 大友良英 F.M.N.SoundFactory FMC-045 2011
Ensembles 2010–Resonance: Documentation(DVD) 大友良英 Art Tower Mito 2011
Aoyama Noise” Live at Cay (LP) Ito, Maq, Toshiji Mikawa, Otomo Yoshihide, Edwin van der Heide, and Tetsuo Furudate Airplane APFT2011 2011
大友良英サウンドトラック Vol.0 大友良英 F.M.N.SoundFactory FMC-044 2010
Donaueschinger Musiktage 2005 – SWR2 NOWJazz: Allurements of the Ellipsoid (2-SACD set) Otomo, Yoshihide, Axel Dörner, Sachiko M, and Martin Brandlmayr SBR2/Neos Music NEOS 41006/07 2010
Book from Hell Zai Kuning, Otomo Yoshihide, and Dickson Dee doubtmusic dmf-134 2010
Bells Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Trio + doubtmusic dmf-139 2010
Lonely Woman Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Trio + doubtmusic dmf-138 2010
Ensembles 09: Pre-opening Live at Shinjuku Pit Inn(DVD) 大友良英 No Idea 2009
NHKドラマスペシャル「白洲次郎」オリジナル・サウンドトラック 大友良英 EMI Music Japan TOCT-26817 2009
Ultra Miracle Love Story 大友良英 Little More LMCD-1005 2009
Guitar Duo x Solo 磯端伸一with大友良英 Grid605 grid-002 2009
Élektrik Toboggan Lussier, René, Martin Tétreault, and Otomo Yoshihide Les Disques Victo VICTO cd 115 2009
With Records Otomo, Yoshihide, Mikito Ozeki, and Mats Gustafsson doubtmusic dme-201G 2009
Shinjuku Crawl The Thing, and Otomo Yoshihide Smalltown Superjazzz STSJ169CD 2009
Monte Alto Estate Sim, and Otomo Yoshihide doubtmusic dmf-127 2009
Good Cop Bad Cop Bailey, Derek, Tony Bevan, Paul Hession, and Otomo Yoshihide No-Fi NEU011 2009
4 Speakers (miniCD) Filament with Musikelectronic Geithain 2-:+ AP014 2009
Modulation with 2 Electric Guitars and 2 Amplifiers: Alternative Version 大友良英 doubtmusic dms-119G 2008
Core Anode 大友良英 Meenna meenna-332 2008
Les Archives Sauvées des Eaux リュック・フェラーリ/大友良英 Disc Callithump CPCD-001 2008
Guitar Duo 大友良英+山本精一 F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY FMC-041 2008
Sweet Cuts, Distant Curves Choi, Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Sachiko M, and Otomo Yoshihide Balloon & Needle bnn20 2008
Country Kill Joy Heights Wilddisk WDD-006 2008
Modulation with 2 Electric Guitars and 2 Amplifiers 大友良英 doubtmusic dms-119 2007
Multiple Otomo (DVD + CD) 大友良英 Asphodel ASP 3007 2007
Sora Otomo Yoshihide Invisible Songs EWE EWCD 0135 2007
Prisoner–A Film by Adachi Masao: Original Soundtrack 大友良英 oto-mo/Headz oto-mo 1/HEADZ 88 2007
Encounter 沖至・大友良英 Fudebushow FBPCD-004 2007
Live Vol.2: Parallel Circuit (2-CD set) Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra doubtmusic dmf-117/118 2007
Live Vol.1: Series Circuit (2-CD set) Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra doubtmusic dmf-115/116 2007
Live 1992 + Ground-Zero doubtmusic dmh-114 2007
Music(s) (2-DVD-R set) 大友良英 La Huit 2006
Time Magic City BusRatch, and Otomo Yoshihide PARA disc PACD015 2006
Episome Otomo, Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, and Tatsuya Yoshida Tzadik TZ 7263 2006
ONJQ Live in Lisbon Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet Clean Feed CF063CD 2006
Dark Room Filled with Light (DVD) Ikunishi, Yasunori, Yasunori Kakegawa, Tetsuya Nagato, and Filament Uplink ULD-322 2006
Oto no Shiro / Oto no Umi Oto Asobi no Kai Otoasobi no Kai OTOCD 001/002 2006
Guitar Solo: 12 October 2004 @ Shinjuku Pit Inn Tokyo + 1 大友良英 doubtmusic dms-101 2005
1.Grrr 2.Tok 3.Ahhh + 4.Hmmm (4-CD set) マルタン・テトロー/大友良英 Ambiances Magnétique AM 902 2005
4.Hmmm マルタン・テトロー/大友良英 Ambiances Magnétiques 2005
3.Ahhh マルタン・テトロー/大友良英 Ambiances Magnétiques AM 133 2005
2.Tok マルタン・テトロー/大友良英 Ambiances Magnétiques AM 132 2005
See You in a Dream (2-CD set) Otomo, Yoshihide, and Yuki Saga F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY FMC-038/039 2005
Trace Cuts eRikm, Martin Tétreault, and Otomo Yoshihide Musica Genera mg 009 2005
ErstLive 005 (3-CD set) Rowe, Keith, Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura, and Otomo Yoshihide Erstwhile ErstLive 005 2005
ErstLive 004 Fennesz, Christian, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide, and Peter Rehberg Erstwhile ErstLive 004 2005
Concert in St. Louis Coleman, Gene, Franz Hautzinger, Sachiko M, and Otomo Yoshihide Grob GROB 656 2005
Out to Lunch Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra doubtmusic dmf-108 2005
Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra doubtmusic dmf-102 2005
Turntable Solo 大友良英 Alcohol ALOY1CD 2004
1.Grrr マルタン・テトロー/大友良英 Ambiances Magnétiques AM 131 2004
Soup Live (2-CD set) Otomo, Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki P-Vine PCD-18509/10 2004
Compositions for Guitars Vol. 2 Akiyama, Tetuzi, Toshimaru Nakamura, Otomo Yoshihide, and Taku Unami A Bruit Secret a bruit secret 104 2004
Brackwater Korber, Tomas, eRikm, Toshimaru Nakamura, and Otomo Yoshihide For 4 Ears CD 1550 2004
Good Morning Good Night (2-CD set) Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura, and Otomo Yoshihide Erstwhile erstwhile 042-2 2004
Intonarumori Orchestra Intonarumori Orchestra Off Site OFF SITE-004 2004
Filament BOX Filament F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY FMC-030-034 2004
We Insist? 大友良英 Noise Asia NASF 01 CD 2003
Turntables and Computers 大友良英 + 竹村ノブカズ Headz DAT-2 / HEADZ 14 2003
Time Travel ギュンター・ミュラー/大友良英 Erstwhile erstwhile 029 2003
Studio — Analogique – Numérique (3-miniCD set) マルタン・テトロー/大友良英 Ambiances Magnétiques AM 111 3CD 2003
Warholes Or All Andy Would Enjoy (And Fear) / Warhol Memory Disorder Lengow & HeyeRMEarS / Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M with DJ Mao and Peter Skala” HEyeRMEarS / Discorbie HDCD 002 2003
Soup Otomo, Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki P-Vine PCD-5856 2003
Loose Community Otomo, Yoshihide, Park Je Chun, and Mi Yeon Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-511 2003
The Crushed Pellet Hayashi, Eiichi, Otomo Yoshihide, and Yoshisaburo Toyozumi Studio Wee SW302/303 2003
Tails Out Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet DIW DIW-946 2003
ONJQ + OE: Short Density (LP) Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet and Tatsuya Oe Vinylsoyuz ASTP-5013 2003
ONJQ + OE Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet and Tatsuya Oe P-Vine PCD-5850 2003
I.S.O I.S.O Sound Tectonics/YCAM 2003
Turntables Solo Live28 Feb 2002 in Tokyo (CD-R) 大友良英 2002
Miira ni Naru made: German Version 島田雅彦 / 大友良英 Charhizma charhizma 017 2002
Ensemble Cathode 大友良英 Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-502 2002
Thumb Rowe, Keith, Oren Ambarchi, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide, and Robbie Avenaim Grob GROB 432 2002
Les Hautes Solitudes–A Philippe Garrel Film: Imaginarry Soundtrack Otomo, Yoshihide, Taku Sugimoto, and Sachiko M Out One DDCO-1003 2002
Invisible Architecture #1 Jeck, Philip, Otomo Yoshihide, and Martin Tétreault Audiosphere AS01 2002
Ajar Almá Fury, Yasuhiro Otani, Otomo Yoshihide, and Xavier Charles Alcohol ALORS1CD 2002
Concepts of Doing Screen: Festival Concepts of Doing 1999 COD 005 2002
Pulser (LP) Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet Vinylsoyuz ASTP-5011 2002
Live Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet DIW DIW-942 2002
Dreams Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Ensemble Tzadik TZ 7238 2002
Anode 大友良英 Tzadik TZ 7073 2001
Flutter Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet Tzadik TZ 7232 2001
29092000 Filament Sat / Amoebic AMO-SAT-03 2001
Live (CD-R) Novo Tono 2001
Re/cycling Rectangle (7″ single) 大友良英 Rectangle Rec-RRYO 2000
Music for DanceArt Hong Kong’s “Memory Disorder” 大友良英 Sonic Factory NAIM07 2000
Moving Parts クリスチャン・マークレイ&大友良英 Asphodel asphodel 2001 2000
Bits, Bots and Signs Otomo, Yoshihide, and Voice Crack Erstwhile erstwhile 011 2000
Digital Tranquilizer Ver. 1 (3″ CD) 大友良英 F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY FSC-015 1999
Split 7″ クリスチャン・マークレー/大友良英 Gentle Giant GG024 1999
Guitar Solo Live 1 (50 Limited CD-R Edition Series 1) 大友良英 Amoebic AMO-CDR-1 1999
Cathode 大友良英 Tzadik TZ 7051 1999
Otomo Yoshihide Plays the Music of Takeo Yamashita 大友良英 P-Vine PCD-5804 1999
Lupin the Third: Ending Theme (12″ single) 大友良英 P-Vine PLP-6852 1999
Without Kuryokhin Kenny Millions/大友良英 Long Arms CDLA 99021 1999
21 Situations マルタン・テトロー/大友良英 Ambiances Magnétiques AM 069 CD 1999
Pilgrimage MicroCosmos(天鼓/大友良英) Tzadik TZ 7222 1999
Metal Tastes like Orange Secret Recordings 1 Okura, Masahiko, Günter Müller, Taku Sugimoto, and Otomo Yoshihide Valve / Amoebic AMO-VA-04 1999
Television Power Electric (Enhanced CD) Baker, Jim, Aeron Bergman, Todd Carter, Brent Gutzeit, Michael Hartman, Ernst Long, Otomo Yoshihide, and R. Wilkus Gentle Giant GG025 1999
Four Focuses Tétreault, Martin, Yasuhiro Otani, Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M Sat / Amoebic AMO-SAT-02 1999
Panty Christ Bond, Justin, Bob Ostertag, and Otomo Yoshihide Seeland seeland 510 1999
Filament 2: Secret Recordings Filament and Günter Müller For 4 Ears CD 1031 1999
I.S.O I.S.O Alcohol ALISOCD 1999
Last Concert Ground-Zero Valve / Amoebic, Alcohol AMO-VA-02, ALGZ1CD 1999
Memory Defacement (2-LP set) 大友良英 Japan Overseas & F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY JO97-33/35 & FMAE 02/03 1998
Museum of Towing & RECOVERY (10″ vinyl) スティーヴ・ベレスフォード/大友良英 Hot Air EP 4 YOBS 1998
Session 18 Oct 1997 (Auiocassette) Seed Mouth and Otomo Yoshihide 1998
Live at OTIS! (Auiocassette) Otomo, Yoshihide, Sachiko M, and Yoshimitsu Ichiraku Terminal Body T021 1998
Filament 1 Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko M Extreme XCD 045 1998
Live I.S.O Zero Gravity ZGV-023 1998
Gravity Clock I.S.O Amoebic AMOISO-01 1998
Consummation Ground-Zero Sank-ohso / Creativeman CMDD-00048 1998
Sound Factory 大友良英 Gentle Giant GG021CD (CD) / GG021LP (LP) 1997
Melted Memory (DAT) 大友良英 Valve / Amoebic AMO-VDAT-01 1997
Vinyl Tranquilizer 大友良英 Sonic Factory NAIM01CD 1997
Memory & Money Les sculpteurs de vinyl Stupeur & Trompette! ST 1012 1997
My Dear Mummy Otomo, Yoshihide, and Masahiko Shimada Sank-ohso / Creativeman CMDD-00034 1997
Live in Tokyo Cassiber Off Note ON-25 1997
Conflagration Ground-Zero Sank-ohso / Creativeman CMDD-00047 1997
Consume Red Ground-Zero Sank-ohso / Creativeman, ReR CMDD-00046, ReR GZ2 1997
Plays Standards Ground-Zero Nani / Disk Union NCD-201 1997
7″ single 山塚アイ/大友良英 Resonance RES 4.2 1996
Duo Improvisation (Audiocassette) 大谷安宏/大友良英 1996
Live!! Japan Overseas DJ Car House (Otomo Yoshihide) and MC Hell Shit (Eye Yamatsuka) JO96-24 1996
Ututu: Doppo Jukyo-at no Ho e Nomura, Kiwao, Keiki Midorikawa, and Otomo Yoshihide Atelier El Sur ESDP 6001 1996
Twins!! Sank-ohso Otomo, Yoshihide, and Bob Ostertag Creativeman CMDD-00030 1996
Panorama Paradise Novo Tono Alida / Creativeman CMDD-00038 1996
Pinball Tenacity / Live Mao ’99 (Split 7″ single) Bästard / Ground-Zero PANEMONIUM Rdz PAN010 1996
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Version 1.50 (7″ single) Ground-Zero Gentle Giant GG701 1996
Solo Live in Kyoto 93 (Audiocassette) 大友良英 F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY FSF-005 1995
Otomo + Mao (7″ single) 大友良英 F.M.N. SOUND FACTORY FMAE001 1995
Live! 3″ CD DJ Car House (Otomo Yoshihide) and MC Hell Shit (Eye Yamatsuka) Blast First BFFP126CD 1995
Tatakiuri Otomo, Yoshihide, and Jon Rose Sank-ohso / Creativeman CMDD-00017 1995
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Tokyo 1995: Unofficial Live Video (Videocassette) Ground-Zero Ganseki Products G-96041V 1995
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ground-Zero Trigram (Japan) TR-P 909 1995
Null & Void Ground-Zero Tzadik TZ 7204 1995
Early Works 1: 81-85 (Audiocassette) 大友良英 Maboroshi no Sekai P-0010 1994
Monogatari: Amino Argot Otomo, Yoshihide, and Carl Stone Trigram TR-P 908 1994
Balance of Power: Variety (Videocassette) Sasaki, Hideaki, and Otomo Yoshihide Trigram TR-P 904 1994
All at Once at Any Time King, John, David Moss, and Otomo Yoshihide Les Disques Victo VICTO cd 029 1994
Multiverse Peril Sound Factory SFCD-0015 1994
The Night before the Death of the Sampling Virus 大友良英 Extreme XCD 024 1993
Memory Disorder (Videocassette) 大友良英 Trigram TR-P 901 1993
Peril Peril Dr. Jims DRJIM-7 1993
Ground-Zero Ground-Zero God Mountain GMCD-002 1993
Turntables Solo (Videocassette) 大友良英 BUM Film BUM-01 1992
We Insist? 大友良英 SFCD-003 1992
Terminal-Zero (Audiocassette) 大友良英 Lost Space 001 1991
Ground-0 No. 0 (Audiocassette) 大友良英 Lost Space 000 1991
Who is OTOMO Yoshihide? (Audiocassette) 大友良英 1991
Visions of Japan Katsui, Yuji, Hiroshi Higo, and Otomo Yoshihide Our Touch VOJ-0979 1991
No Problem (Audiocassette) No Problem 1990
Live at Aketa-no-mise in Tokyo, July 28, 1989 (Audiocassette) 大友良英 TANGA-TANGA Cassette-2 1989
Duo (Audiocassette) 広瀬淳二/大友良英 1989
Silanganan Ingay (LP) 広瀬淳二/大友良英 TANGA-TANGA R-001 1989
Problem (Audiocassette) 大友良英 Omba OMBA 002 1988
Otomo Yoshihide (Audiocassette) 大友良英 PO-c1 1987
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